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We have the people to handle it. And handle it well.

We can produce 360 degree media campaigns including television, radio,  billboards,  print, webcasts, web series and marketing strategies including corporate branding.

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To do this i communications inc. has assembled an elite group of industry veterans who are leaders in their field. From graphic designers to public relations specialists, from corporate photographers to our own in-house videographers and social media coordinator. Our combined experience add great depth to our creative projects.

i communications’ mandate is to ensure that all messages are delivered in an impactful manner while maintaining a creative direction set out by the client.  By offering a dynamic collaboration of new media and traditional methods we can deliver any message with maximum impact and recall.


We are very proud to offer our clients a new marketing platform as well. Something that is evoloving as the communications field changes - branded web marketing series hosted on the client's site, as well as our own grown online TV network, www.nbtvtoday.com

Whatever the final requirements and challenges may be for a given project, i communications has the infrastructure and people to handle it. And handle it well. Because quite simply, we want to be better, try harder, and be nicer.

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